Just the other day I opened a bank account under the name “McGivern Cyclery”. With the help of my friendly banker, I waited until this very week to open the account. The reason? No fee promotion for small business. No brainer!

At dinner on Monday night, my friend Gene told me the deadline for a Yellow Pages ad was Friday! Thankfully, he was able to give me a business phone number, link it to my cell phone, and hook me up with a rep from AT&T to get the ad in the book! Thanks Gene! Slowly on my way to establishment.

I’m up to my ears in bikes! A couple customers left their bikes here for me to fix while on vacation, I bought a few beaters at garage sales, picked up something nice off of Craigslist, my own bikes, my wifes bikes, a couple I’m selling for a friend, and a bunch of frames that have unknown destinies. Time to thin the herd.  Off I go!