My name is Tim McGivern and I am from Massachusetts. By school and license I am a Professional Civil Engineer. By hobby I am a bicycle mechanic, traditional rock climber, and songwriter. As any engineer can tell you, that title is hard to come by. Like many other engineers, I have some hobbies that tend to be on the technical side of things. For example, I love deriving algebraic equations from simple geometry, reading theoretical laymen physics, technical rock climbing, writing songs, and of course bicycle mechanics. After working as an engineer for about five years, I have decided to pursue entrepreneurship.

I’ve always been a mechanic in a sense. To me a mechanic is somebody who desires to understand how something works to a level that can be used to keep it in operation, then uses that knowledge to do just that. Part of this is taking things apart, looking at them, and understanding them.
My passion for mechanics lies in a simple, beautiful machine known as the bicycle. However, I am not just a bicycle mechanic. I have a drive to learn and understand the workings of the bicycle to an extent where research and design is something that comes about on its own.

I have a vision of a bicycle repair shop that no only repairs your bicycle, but contributes to the advancement of the bicycle industry through ideas and innovation. Advancements that bring the bicycle closer to being completely sustainable human powered transportation. These ideas happen at the interaction of cyclist to mechanic. They happen in bike shops. They will happen at McGivern Cyclery.

This blog will be my journal during the creation of McGivern Cyclery.

Thanks for reading,
Tim McGivern