This list is by no means exhaustive, but is a good starting point to figure out what I charge.

Bike Overhaul (bike dependent, ask for price)
Tune up (adjust brakes and shifters, clean drive train and rims, true wheels, safety check) – $35 not including parts
True wheels$6 per wheel

Install tire/change tube$5
Replace a spoke (up to 3 spokes) – $10 not including parts
Adjust brakes$3 per brake
Adjust shifters$5 per shifter
Clean drive train$15 (Chain, cassette, chainrings, and derailleurs)
Safety Check$3 (check and tighten all critical parts, check brakes, check cables, check bottom bracket, check headset)
Adjust bottom bracket or headset$5
Adjust a hub$7
Overhaul bottom bracket $15
Overhaul headset
Overhaul hub

Other available services
Fork installation
Headset installation
Steel frame alignment
Wheel building

If your wondering whether or not I can do something, I probably can, but shoot me an email and ask. My labor rate is $0.50 per minute ($30 per hour) for things not listed above.