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I acquired this 1981 Sekai 2400 in a trade and didn’t think much of it until I realized that not only is it just about all original parts (except the maybe the tires and tubes), the components are in very good condition including the Dia-Comp brake pads! Usually if I run across a boom 10-speed, I put on some new rubber, lube it, adjust it, wrap the bars and get it back out on the roads. This one was very intriguing to me. Not only because of those two special things I mentioned in the first sentence but the color is fantastic, and the Suntour bits are near perfect. I decided to give her the full treatment. I’ll start with a shot of the headbadge, which I find to be quite pleasing to the eye, especially on that color.

Sekai 2400 Headbadge


I stripped her down to the frame, minus the bottom bracket fixed cup and headset cups. No reason to pull this stuff off. They are sitting well and clean. After cleaning all the bits, I shot some photos.

Sugino Bottom Bracket

Sugino Bottom Bracket (minus fixed cup)

Sekai 2400 Headset

Headset (minus cups)

Sekai 2400 axles

Axles and Cones

Sekai 2400 Freewheel and Chain

Freewheel and Chain

This bike has a Suntour V GT Luxe rear derailer on it. I like these derailers. I’ve run across quite a few out there, and I like how they look, how they shift, and how they are designed. It’s history has shown it to be well loved among early mountain bikers. Here is what Disraeli Gears had to say about it:

“This example, with its more sculpted pulley cage plates, is a later V GT Luxe, the classic, best selling, touring model in the V Luxe series – truly a great derailleur. This particular example was manufactured in 1980 – demonstrating the popularity of the V GT Luxe well after the introduction of later, supposedly superior, but less well-loved models.”

I don’t have any memories of the late 70’s (I didn’t exist yet) so I can’t recall the Shimano vs Suntour rear derailer design wars the author eludes too, but I like the results! So much so that I took this one completely apart! Its what my friend Billy would call a “specimen”. If this thing was in any better condition it would still be in the box! Notice the swivel anchor bolt, the graceful “V” on the body, the stylish model name on the outer parallelogram arm, the separate cage for the lower pulley wheel, and the guide pulley integrated into the pulley pivot bolt. The Suntour Cyclone of around the same time is another example of many of these features. Here are some photos of the rebuild. I left the pins in place.

Suntour V GT Luxe Rear Deraillleur

Suntour V GT Luxe Rear Deraillleur in pieces

Suntour V GT Luxe Rear Deraillleur

All put back together

Suntour V GT Luxe Rear Deraillleur - Date Code

Suntour V GT Luxe Rear Deraillleur - Date Code "WH"

Suntour "V"

Gotta love the Suntour "V"

A date code “WH”, which according to Trek means this puppy was manufactured in August of 1980. This must mean it was one of the last one of these made seeing that by 1981 they moved on to ugly black lettering instead of the model name being part of the parallelogram arm. You can see the other pictures I took below. I have some new Dia-Comp gum hoods, bar tape and some tires on their way, so once I have it all put together, I’ll put up some final pictures.

Sugino Super Maxy Cranks

Sugino Super Maxy cranks. They still have the dust caps and the chainrings look new!

Super Maxy Close up

A close up of the Super Maxy

Suntour Down tube shifters

A cleaning and lubing of these Suntour DT shifters will allow them to last another 29 years!

Sekai 2400 Fork

The fork. The steerer is stamped "Tange.1.C" indicating Tange tubing from 1981.

Come back and visit to see pictures of the completed build! This bike will be for sale once it is finished. If it was my size I would keep it!


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