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At the beginning of July my wife Syrah and I moved to Monterey California. We moved here because Syrah got a great job. I was coming here jobless. This was my opportunity to begin something of my own. In my mind I am an engineer, but in my hands I am a mechanic and technician. I do not like working for others, and I enjoy providing service to others in need. Working on and with bicycles is my passion, and I’d like to revolve my business plan around the bicycle. The final plan is not yet done, but the beginning steps are clear. Since my arrival to Monterey I have set my garage up as a shop. A similar shop to what I had in New Orleans. This time I’m no longer in a spare bedroom. I am in a garage with a concrete floor.

Garage 9/15

I’m fixing bikes out of my garage. I have some fantastic customers already. People who I see eye to eye with. People who want to have a relationship with their bicycle mechanic. People who want good work done at a reasonable price. People who will tell their friends about my little bicycle garage world. When I’m not fixing bikes I’m looking for a location, buying parts, looking for deals on tools, making tools, working on a business plan, or studying the topic of bicyle design. I just opened a business account with my bank yesterday and named the sole proprietorship “McGivern Cyclery”. I jumped around with names for awhile, but I believe this fits best for now. Once established, I’d like to add the subtitle “Bicycle Repair, Research, Design and Testing” or something like that. The company may also break into different smaller companies to accomodate such things as material testing, but we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

Part of this business will be located in this website. I plan on keeping track of my business progress here on this blog. Hopefully this is a place where I can showcase my work, share my ideas, and offer my services. The idea behind the blog is to share my experiences establishing my own bicycle workshop.

As of today, the goal is to have a location by January 2010. Lots of things come with location, but I’ll save that for another time.


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