The rebuild is finished and I have put the bike up for sale. Even though it took me hours upon hours of work to completely overhaul this bike, I’m only asking $200. Why? Because that is the price I think I can get for it. I consider the work I did on it something for myself. I appreciate bikes like this because they were meant for everyone, and built with quality materials and components. This bike should last another 18 years and beyond! I posted an an add on the local craigslist. I’m only selling this locally, so don’t bother asking me if I’ll ship it. Its a hassle for me to ship a bike unless its worth thousands of dollars.  Here are the pics:

Sekai 2400 body shot

Sekai 2400 front

Sekai 2400 Rider shot

Sekai 2400 drivetrain

Sekai 2400 bars

Sekai 2400 rear brake

Sekai 2400 rear hub

Sekai 2400 shifters